Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Self indulgence

I decided to take a break from posting my works to tell you about moi. My name is josta, I'm a teenager living in a 25 year old body. I live in central pa (represent) and am a mutton chop enthusiast. I'm glad I found this blogging device because I truly miss posting random rants and ravings ever since myspace was phased out, as well as xanga and various other online journals.

I'm an actor by trade, but typically work in customer service. I've been in such shows as mary shelley's frankenstein, the crucible and various others, I've written scripts for mostly comedies and thrillers. Despite my melancholy poetry, I'm known as the jester in my circles of friends.

I am also an avid history and literature nut as well as a science and arts addict. I love astrology and base a lot of things off of the stars. I myself am an aquarius with capricorn in my moon and taurus rising. The rest of my chart is populated by aquarius and sagittarius.

That's all for now, but I'm an open book so if you have any questions feel free to ask. Its a pleasure entertaining you all. Keep it unreal.


  1. You know, maybe you're not a twenty five year old in a teenagers body. A lot of teenagers aren't ready to go out and make a living and do things to create their lives on their own. You seem like a very literate and intelligent person and perhaps that you are an adult with some teenage interests. I mean, my stepdad still did a lot of the things he did as a kid with me and my little sister, but he still got out there and worked like a damn man. Don't short change yourself ya know?

    I'm not really so much the type to ask questions about people. I usually live by the code that people will reveal what they want to you, when they want to, in due time. So I'm not really used to asking things.

    And, I really hope that this doesn't seem like I'm trying to be a self advertising douche or something, but since you are someone who is passionate about literature, I'd very much appreciate it if you read the story I've been posting sometime. I really have been looking for other people's opinion on ways that I might be able to change it (besides the obvious grammatical errors and such) but everyone just says that it's already good. I don't think they're really reading it. If you could ever find the time to look through it, I'd love that. Thank you.

  2. nice to meet you! I'm gonna enjoy reading your blog