Sunday, July 24, 2011

...i want you to know...

...i still want you...i want...i want you to know...i only fucking live everytime i time i think of how much i dont believe in ugliness when i'm in your smile.l  i wasn't meant to destroy myself, not like that, not like i always thought...our kisses killed me when they stopped and i'm terrified of every fucking moment i can't remember the exact chartreuse that links every aspect of your eyes to the first last and only part of my soul that people still saw as good and i cant stop hating myself so much for every tear i can or cannot claim responsibility , i want to show every solar eclipse that the moon is too fickle to shade the shards of light and should be broken down into dust that will glitter and shatter around us because if there was any reason that the sun ever had to claw to shine to make the flowers gush in macabre was when you had those arms wrapped around me and rewrote my being in taproots and insignia that stood for something because the only seconds that mattered to me was when the matter of me that materialized the fiber short circuits and i fucking hate myself for all the the things ive become......but  ive never

And I Never Want To Start.